Rodney Copperbottom Appearances Gallery

Information Edit

Rodney Copperbottom is the main protagonist of the film Robots. He is the son of dishwasher Herb Copperbottom and his wife, Lydia. Rodney is an aspiring inventor who idolizes the famous Bigweld. Rodney's dream is to go to Robot City to work as an inventor for Bigweld Industries.


Rodney Copperbottom was born in Rivet Town to Herb and Lydia Copperbottom. As a child, Rodney and his father watched a TV show hosted by the inventor and industrialist, Bigweld, who talked about his company who would hire new inventors who created newer technologies for robots. Inspired by Bigweld and his motto, "You can shine no matter what you're made of.", Rodney wanted to become an inventor like him.

Family Edit

Herb Copperbottom (Father)

Lydia Copperbottom (Mother)

Cappy (Love Interest/Girlfriend)

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